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620 5th Ave Garden Loft And Rooftop

When your bestie renews her vows in fairytale fashion. I have been friends with @annetteyj for my entire life. No one on the planet makes me laugh more. No one reminds me more of how far we have come and all we have to be grateful for. I cried like a baby when I saw her walk down the aisle looking like the queen that she is. Thanks for the tissue @pennyspartyplace It’s no wonder her #2 spot belongs to you. 😁🤣😂🤗 #besties #friendlycompetition
This place has eluded me for so many years, but I finally had the opportunity to shoot here, for a special couple traveling from Hong Kong + Japan. Always astounded and humbled by the opportunity. 👍 @620loftgarden #rockefellercenter #daredevil

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