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Are you ready for Tala’s @embarkvet DNA results?! Thanks for all the guesses/interest and I hope this isn’t going to be too anti-climactic, but as I suspected Tala’s DNA results showed that she has no recently domesticated breeds in her at all and that she is 100% Middle Eastern village dog! (Swipe Tala’s photo for more info from @embarkvet if you want even more info DM me)

What this means is that she really isn’t a mix or a mutt but is very much the ancient type of dog that has lived alongside human communities since the early days of domestication. This also explains why she looks a lot like Basenjis, Pharaoh Hounds, and Podencos as they too are all based on primitive dogs, however they have been more recently bred to create a set breed standard (@adeerandherfox will probably correct me on this 😉)

I was at first surprised that she didn’t come up as an ‘African village dog’ but as she is from North Sudan which is culturally and environmentally more similar to the Middle East it does actually make sense. •
The other interesting result was that she scored particularly high on ‘wolfiness’ 8.5% (Apparently anything over 5% is very rare and high) which doesn’t mean she has any recent wolf ancestry but rather that she has retained wolf (or golden jackal) dna perhaps from around the time of early domestication when there was still more overlap. •
Below are two interesting articles which explain more about primitive village dogs and the domestication of dogs... #embarkdna #middleeasternvillagedog #africanvillagedog #primitivedog #pariahdog #ancientdog
User Image i249_ Posted: Mar 22, 2018 7:04 PM (UTC)
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i249_ 1h ago
‏⁧‫#السودان_عاجل‬⁩ | تلقي الرئيس عمر البشير ظهر اليوم إتصال هاتفي من الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتن وبحثا خلاله وسائل تطوير العلاقات بين البلدين للمستوى الإستراتيجي وأعرب بوتن عن تقديره للقيادة السودانية وحرصها على توظيف قدرات البلاد لتنمية ورفاهية الشعب السوداني
User Image fivenaan Posted: Mar 22, 2018 6:47 PM (UTC)
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User Image i249_ Posted: Mar 22, 2018 6:06 PM (UTC)
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i249_ 2h ago
‏⁧‫#السودان_عاجل‬⁩ | أكد وزير البنى التحتية والمواصلات العقيد خالد محمد صالح اكتمال جزء كبير من كبري ⁧‫#النيل_الأزرق‬⁩ وتوقع افتتاحه وعودته إلى العمل قبل الفترة المحددة بنهاية العام الحالي، وكشف عن دخول أكثر من 1000 بص لحل مشكلة المواصلات بالخرطوم قريباً‬⁩
🦏Rest in ☮️ Sudan
👩‍🎨 @ruby_roth author/artist of #veganislove & other incredible illustrated books shared the below
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⚡️Repost from @wedonteatanimals Anyone shedding a big white rhino tear has the heart to help. At this time in history, all concerns should be embodied. I wrote this book so the next generation puts two and two together from the jump. Get it, times runs out before our eyes. #sudan



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The 22nd March is World Water Day so this from the archive to remind people of the water crisis the world is facing. At the Jamam refugee camp in Upper Nile State, South Sudan, a girl digs at a dried up watering hole to scoop up muddy water. When I shot this picture in 2012 the camp held 36,000 vulnerable people who had fled across the border from their homes in Blue Nile state to escape the ongoing fighting between Khartoum’s government troops and the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army. Water was desperately short and every day dozens of thirsty children were digging deep holes into the parched earth in 40 degrees of heat. A girl aged 16 told me “Getting water from the holes is very difficult and dangerous. I’m afraid of the snakes. Life here is difficult and it will get much worse during the rainy season because this area will be flooded. Our whole family is here except my grandmother who stayed in Blue Nile. I have no hope for the future because there is no school here, no good life and my future is dark.” When I returned home to a unusually dry UK, people were complaining because the government had imposed a hose pipe ban for watering lawns, filling ponds without fish and the use of ornamental fountains. Such an unfair world! © 2012 Tom Stoddart
#worldwaterday #worldwaterday2018 @charitywater @gettycreativity @verbatimphoto #watermarksforwater #drought #refugees #water #sudan #war #bluenile #reportage #photojournalism @gettyreportage @gettyarchive
User Image magdi8178 Posted: Mar 22, 2018 4:19 PM (UTC)
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