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The Bowery

Classic ✌️✌️at the #Bowery - Gravy fries and Pinot Noir - a place that is always good to go before hitting up the #arclight on #Sunset #Cheers from #travelingspiritsapparel #travelingspiritsclothing
"We are over-capacitated" / "No, WE were over-capacitated first!" 🐶👌🍷 #partypeople #monchefpréféré #lesamisquonmerite
If you would have told me 6 months ago I would be getting weepy about working my last shift at Bowery, I would have probably laughed in your face. But this was the first place that gave me hope when I moved to LA. It gave me people like @mekennamelvin and @summersveinson which led to tequilas and Thanksgiving dinners where I would meet some of the best people in this city. This little spot was my first glimmer of hope when I was convinced coming to LA was the biggest mistake I had ever made. I mean, we should all drink to that right?

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