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Elwell Hall

Stressed out? Come to our Stress to Distress program! We’ll be in the Elwell lobby until 8pm! ✨
Don’t forget to sign your team up for the tournament! Sign up until 8pm tonight at the front desk!
Drunk google MarioKart starts NOW!! Fourth floor lounge, see you there 😎
Happy Birthday to one of the most crazy, outstanding, down to earth girls I know #BirthdayGirl #Exposed
Meet Your CAs: 6th floor
•CA DJ Bell
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite part of being a CA: Crashing in other CA’s rooms •CA Brittany Harris
Hometown: Clark’s Summit, PA
Favorite part of being a CA: Making new friends
Come out tonight to our program “Diversity Cupcakes”! Elwell lobby @ 7pm 🎂

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