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User Image dosenutrition Posted: Jan 20, 2017 6:47 PM (UTC)
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No need for fancy mobility tools. Here are some great items you can use to workout the knots and loosen up your muscles that you probably have laying around our house.
User Image dosenutrition Posted: Jan 19, 2017 9:38 PM (UTC)
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15 days is the amount of time most of us stick to our New Years resolutions. That means by the time your reading this most of us have already thrown in the towel on our resolutions. .
To those of you who are still going strong, Great Work! For those who are having a tough time I want to encourage you. Setting a New Years Resolution is a positive practice. It can be hard to do something for yourself and taking the time to reflect and think about what you want for yourself in 2017 is huge. You should be proud of that. .
Secondly January 1st isn’t any different than January 5th or 17th or April 29th. It’s an arbitrary day. So even if you didn’t set a resolution or you stopped implementing your plan you can pick it up today. .
I would also say that you shouldn’t be to hard on yourself because the way most of us set resolutions isn’t leading us toward success. Today I want to give you a framework that you can use to make your resolution stick. what I am going to share with you is something I learned from following Tony Robbins. .
STEP 1) Set a vision: This is the first step and it is the one that most of us do when we set a resolution. The vision can’t be anything though. It has to be compelling to you. Make it something strong something that moves you and that you really really want. If you don’t want it You won’t act on it. .
STEP 2) Have a reason. What is your why? Take a minute to figure it out. If you want to stop eating sugar ask yourself why? Is it because you want to compete in a competition? Do you want to feel a certain way? Do you want to be able to run around with your kids? Write it down and don’t move to the next step until you write something down that is strong enough to help you push through the tough times and pull you through when you don’t have the will to push yourself. .
STEP 3) Review your vision Daily. Write it on a post it note. Stick it to your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, alarm clock, whatever. Then switch it out often. Write it on a different color post or put it on a different place in your house. This way it stays fresh in your mind. .
STEP 4) Raise your standards. Often we set a resolution that we feel is something we
User Image v_the_panda_bear Posted: Jan 19, 2017 3:48 AM (UTC)
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Shout out to everyone who stayed late to make this!
User Image dosenutrition Posted: Jan 18, 2017 9:16 PM (UTC)
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Do You sit at a desk for a living? I do. This can result in tight hip flexers quads hamstrings calves. Really it has an impact on the whole system when you stay in one position for long periods of time. As I've increased my training volume I've see this impact my ability to increase my lifts and improve my movements. I am making a commitment to doing mobility drills once an hour to help keep my muscles and tendons health. This stretch is the couch stretch. It's a good one for sitting if you spend an hour sitting you should consider doing this move for 2 minutes on each leg. To get extra stretch lift your hands over your head and lean back slightly. You should feel the stretch all through your quad from our knee to your hip. It's a good one for opening up the whole front side of your leg.

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