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Longhorn Steakhouse

User Image alaiajose Posted: Dec 19, 2016 7:08 AM (UTC)
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Alaia's 6th! 🎂🎈👑 🇶🇦#Dec18
To that only, I mean, ONLY one person in this world whom I can happily tolerate seeing everyday 24/7 wo suffocation, who would willingly go to a concert eventhough she doesnt know the artist as long as it makes me happy, who's my gym buddy only to eat& pigout after an intense workout. Haha. To you who has become my ridiculously solid partner in crime this past year supporting each other in ways big& small. I can only aspire to be half as kind& selfless as you.💖 Its been a year of intense growth & am super kaduper thankful that its with you! I just wouldnt know how to do this adulting& unraveling thing if it weren't for you. Happyyy birthday!! I wish you all the happyness and love in this world you unreservedly deserve. Me love you long time.✨💞💙 #myperson #idontknowhowtocollage #morecandlestoBLOW 😂

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