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Jetts Tamworth

Nailed it! When coach @fainty69 jumps in on jumps in on another metafit class he shows everyone else how they should look at the end. #metafit #bustedcustard #nothinginthetank #jettstamworth
User Image janayaking__ Posted: Oct 10, 2017 10:37 AM
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I’m doing well, can’t you tell ✨
45 kg dumbbell flat pause bench 5x6
35 kg dumbbell low incline 5x8
60kg dead stop bent over row 5x8
🤙🏻🏋🏻 #aussiestrength #aussiestrengthcoach #dumbellpress
110kg 3x6 Low Bar pause squat, 100kg 3x7 High Bar squat 👌🏻🏋🏻
#aussiestrength #australianstrengthcoach
My small group fitness crew having fun with a warm up of a different kind this morning. All the balls started in the channel down the middle and teams were given a minute to get as many balls onto the opponents side as possible. At the end of the minute there was a penalty exercise for reps per certain colour ball on their side.
🤹‍♀️Round 1: 5 sit ups per yellow ball
🤹‍♀️Round 2: 1 pushup per blue ball
🤹‍♀️Round 3: 1 squat per pink ball
There was some creative movements and a little bit of competitive natures in there, but mostly lots of fun.
#fitnessfun #smallgrouptraining #jettstamworth #movement #exercise #saturday #teambuilding #leannedunstanpersonaltraining
My girl @katie.rounsev has been training with me for twelve months to the day today! Its our first anniversary...shucks!
So how else do you celebrate your time shared together? share a workout! I think Katie was very relieved when I said "lets share the reps" 😂
So the #wod was:
🔹️50 sandbag front loaded squats
🔹️50 sandbag cleans
🔹️15m sandbag walking squat
🔹️50 sandbag power cleans
🔹️50 sandbag shoulders
🔹️50 burpees 🔹️50 sandbag lunges
🔹️20m sandbag overhead walk
When Katie needed a rest I continued on with the reps then back to her so 50 between us.
🔥Finisher: 50 wall balls + 30 sit ups + 365m run - done each, no sharing those reps 😆
Sharing a workout is not something I'd usually do with a client, but today was a special occasion and a bit of fun. Its been great training you this past 12 months Katie and watching you become confident, strong amd fierce x #strongchick #strongnotskinny #gassed #burpees #lunges #powerclean #squats #running #wallballs #dingosandbags #leannedunstanpersonaltraining #jettstamworth
After a hard week of battling the flu... Came through today with a 130kg for 2 reps front squat. @cooperthompson03
@katie.rounsev was such a trooper yesterday! Despite some severe DOMS in her legs she still gave it her all in her pt session. The weighted bench push/pushup/squat pyramid was just naaasty but she stayed strong and pushed through 💪 #leannedunstanpersonaltraining #legday #pushups #pushit #strongchick #jettstamworth
Saturday morning A troupe back at it again. Ball slams, tyre flips, burpees, travelling squat jumps, pushups, sprints, planks, mountain climbers, russian twists and leg lowers...they did it all this morning!@jrae013 @mummyneedsamerlot #leannedunstanpersonaltraining #jettstamworth #atroupe #fitness #saturdaywod
Ive had such a demand for personal training places that I've opened up BRAND NEW places! Im excited to release new session availability on Wednesdays, 9am to 2pm! Mums with school aged kids, shift workers, those who just want to skip peak gym times...these are for you! These spots wont last, call me, message me or visit me at #jettstamworth.. stat! #leannedunstanpersonaltraining #moresessions #movebetter #feelbetter #tamworth #tamworthnsw

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