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As if this line up couldn't get any cuter! 😜 @theonlymikeq and @djsugashay added to the lituation and my wig is disintegrating. 😵Me & @guyfridge going b2b from 9 to 12 💙 RSVP link in bio! #fadetomind #laartbookfair
Don't be fooled. This girl is an AMAZING content creator! She made snap stories before there were snap stories. She's so young but has so much drive to be someone and make an impact on this world!
buzzla 7M ago
Black Toe Jordan 1s and an Old Fashioned. #Classics 🔴⚪️⚫️🥃
A lil game of table tenny (with some cocktails on the house) while we waited for our table at #BestiaDTLA

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