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The Ivy Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Oh Johnny. We’ve been around the block and back, haven’t we? [Did I just call you a whore?] I believe it was your birthday party 10 years ago that I used your friend’s ID to sneak into the bar you were at and from that moment forward we were bound to each other eternally. Today, grandpa gets a little older. Thank you for all the wonderfully cooked Friendsgiving meals, all the outlandish and unspeakable adventures, and a decade of pure unconditional friendship. Drink all the tequila Mexico has to offer today, just as long as it’s not vodka. Otherwise, find your nearest bush. It’s pushin’ time! Happy birthday, old man. Love you tons! 😘 #hbd #birthdaypost #bestfriends #oldman
User Image Posted: Mar 22, 2018 9:57 PM (UTC)
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The best crab Benedict I've ever had and ever will have & the most happy restaurant & best service💐🦀
User Image duchessofmalibu Posted: Mar 22, 2018 9:24 PM (UTC)
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Even on this rainy day, I stumbled upon beauty 🌹
Ask any one of my clients and they will tell you how much I preach this!!! 🙌🏻You have ONE HEAD, that has one face and one head of hair... 💆🏼‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️💆🏿‍♀️INVEST IN YOURSELF, YOU WEAR YOU EVERYDAY! #youreworthit #youCANsitwithus #bettertogether
Enjoying blissful time with my precious wife ❤️ and sending warmest spring vibes to our friends and all the lovely people out there. So, grateful for being here and all the opportunities and moments life brings.

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