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Made my first purchase - a bar of soap - on my own dime at an Anthropologie today. I’m moving up in the world. ☺️
Only in LA - stumbled into the People’s Court on my way to Anthropologie 😂
I hate when u see super cute house stuff and ur in between places n not shopping for house stuffs.
Solid gold dress $148... The dress was cute just not right for me I got too much up top and too much junk in the trunk😜. LOL! #Anthropology
when it's 5 minutes to closing and your friend needs an outfit for the CMAs - throw on your grandma's jacket, a hat and act accordingly #anthropologie w/ @scndstr2thrght 😜👗
oh And -
The Good Place premiere tomorrow night NBC 10/9c!!!
#ootd #thegoodplace #nbc #season2 #shawlsfordays

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