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Totland Bay

Hound, silhouettes and sunsets.

Not the sharpest photo I've ever taken, my tripod had gone back into the car. However, he stared so longingly out to sea that I couldn't not try and snap it. The Needles also make an appearance mid-left. Taken half-way between Totland and Colwell Bays
Canon 750D
Canon EF S 18-55mm
ISO 100
Exposure 1/2 sec
Focal length 18mm
"Hurricane Sun". The sun was very orange, even red, at times yesterday, and eerie skies, the result of ex hurricane Ophelia bringing Saharan dust and smoke from Portuguese wild fires up within its outer band! #hurricaneophelia #totlandbay #isleofwight #redsun #ophelia
America's Hurricane Ophelia is hitting Ireland right now, it's not as strong anymore but strong enough as lots of people without power. Been watching it because thought it might come this way and hit me at the south of England though it turned. Look at the sky though it's weird it's really dark and dust like orange looking in the sky.

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