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285 Kent

Hello there check out my new 445-part minidoc coming up on VICELAND called 2014-2016: A Chronicling of the Death of DIY 🌹💀
The happiest of birthdays to my number one girl @annaout ! Gonna miss her so much when she moves back to her Australian homeland. See you down under homegirl 💕
This past New Years the NYPD shut down the all ages #antwon/#smtb show for the #punks and #theculturewhore party for the #queers (although the $150 entry #Bushwick after hours got to stay open all night??) It's sad to think in the post #oaklandfire these spaces of community can't exist anymore where even #285kent wouldn't have been able to sustain the run it had. It's outrageous that the people with $150 can buy community through exclusion but the all ages space for $15 can't.
These spaces of #COMMUNITY matter. #MUSIC and #COMMUNITYSPACE only matter if they're #ACCESSIBLE.
photo: #tempers @ #285 #tbt #nyc #brooklyn
Time flies. 4 years ago today. Me & @maxmcferrdog at the @scifiandfantasy relics party at #285kent . That night was so fun. I premiered all of my unreleased tracks that were later put out on Third Ear Recordings on the 285 Kent EP.

That was also the first & last time I emceed over house haha

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