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Leo's Coney Island

When Phi Sig shows up to Leo's after formal meeting looking bomb as heck 😍 I was initiated last night and I'm so happy to be in a sorority with some of the nicest people I have ever met 😊💕
PC: @sarah_dalian97
🚨 #FREE Chase & Maddie printables NOW AVAILABLE @ Leo’s Coney Island - Dearborn, MI 🌭 @chaseandmaddie #tellafriend
Snap and share a photo of your little one with their Chase & Maddie printables and we’ll feature it on our page! Use the hashtag #chaseandmaddie
Here's the guy listening to 9/11 truther videos at full volume at Leo's.
I'll be 22 at midnight 🎉 come celebrate w me @ somewhere 💗

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