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Bocktown Beer and Grill

We are here for another hour! Come say hello, grab some cider, and lock in your founding membership! 🍊💪🍂🎃👻
Wish we were beer with you today! We are missing you all so much! #bocktown_love #pghbeer #pghfood
It only makes sense to spend the last night at Bocktown with the person I spent all of my time here with
Photo cred: @offthecrossbar // #bocktown #bocktownlove #bestfriend #craftbeer #lastnight #forever
This place has been my second home for almost 10 years. To say that I am sad to see it close is the biggest understatement. I have laughed, cried & laughed til I cried here. I have met the most amazing people who have turned into the most amazing friends along the way. I will always cherish every memory, even the fuzzy ones 😉. I love you, Bocktown #bocktown_love #lastcall #memories #bocktown
Bocktown will beer with you in spirit!
Thank you for your patronage for 10 amazing years. 2006-2017 #chalkboard #bocktown_love #beeriedtreasure #chalkboardart
We are closing today after 10 years of service to our loyal customers. Here's to you. Cheers to you! Food 'til 10 or while it lasts. Drinks until 12. #pghfood #pghbeer #bocktown_love

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