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We all have days where we have reasons be to avoid the gym. We’re tired, we’re busy, we plain just don’t feel like it. Have you ever planned to work out, gotten ready, only to be unable to make it to the gym? Remember how that felt? The next time you feel like blowing off your workout, just remind yourself: you don’t HAVE to work out. You GET to.
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Dang @matthewibrahim_ , we couldn’t have said it better ourselves 💡 Fitness | Community | IronBorn
“You are my people, this is my tribe”
We wanted this hoodie to serve as a reminder that our biggest strength as a gym is our community, and that here fitness is a group effort. Thanks @frvrfrce for once again come through on the design work.
Fitness | Community | IronBorn
The cue knees out is one of the commonly heard phrases when squatting. We’re not sure it means what you think it means... Link in bio!
Fitness | Community | IronBorn
#mindsetmonday entering your workout, what is your mindset like? Are you nervous? Unsure of how you’ll hold up? @jockowillink has some excellent advice: your default mode should always be aggressive. This means you attack your weaknesses, and build upon your strengths. Don’t give yourself a case of the Monday’s 👎🏻 get aggressive 👊🏻 Fitness | Community | IronBorn
We saw @workingagainstgravity 's post and thought we'd share some of our non negotiables, this is jons, what are some of yours?
Fitness | Community | IronBorn
This was all post deadlifts. Everything is worse post deadlifts.
Fitness | Community | IronBorn
Lousy rack? Mobilize those lats! Thanks @cjinvictus for the stretch! Fitness | Community | IronBorn
Today on our blog: learn more about how we are wired to be unhealthy. Link in bio!
Fitness | Community |IronBorn

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