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Shoutout to @frankduffyfitness for the great stuff I learned a couple weeks ago that I have continually been putting to good use. Some shoulder work for Kyle courtesy of the coaches who trained not one but BOTH Cy Young winners this year @cresseysportsperformance @ericcressey
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I hear Teenagers all the time wanting to be taken seriously, wanted to be seen as adults and don’t understand why they aren’t. Here are three easy steps to be taken more seriously by the people around you, and I’m sure the parents out there will agree with me.
1.) learn to control the tone of your voice. Have fun, be a kid, but just know if I hear you yelling 5 aisles away from me in Walmart, I won’t be taking you seriously
2.) Say please and thank you. This isn’t new and it seems super simple but it’s been seriously lost, the looks and smiles I get when I actually say please and thank you prove how few people actually do anymore.
3.) probably the most important skill of all of them LOOK PEOLE IN THE EYE WHEN YOU TALK TO THEM. Whether it’s a friend, a colleague, or at a job interview, nothing will make people doubt your intentions quicker than avoiding looking them in the eyes. Not to mention it’s just rude not to.
#wellrounded #politeness #manners #mannersmatter #grownup
User Image athleteacademy_coach_adam Posted: Nov 16, 2017 12:24 AM (UTC)
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Sometimes improving quality of movement doesn’t come down to lack of flexibility but actually the opposite, flexibility without control. Here @17_russo and @sam_orze are working through some control movements to address this. This also shows us where specifically to look with corrections, as you can see Will has a super flexible spine that we are working on controlling, while Sam is working on increasing some thoracic movement. #control #functionaltraining #injuryprevention #AthleteAcademy
Introducing 30 good friends of mine to some Pails and Rails this past Friday. My favorite thing about learning new stuff is being able to use it to help others!

#rangeofmotion #endrangestrength #grouptraining #getfitnh #aginggracefully #injuryprevention #jointhealth #systemicstrength #isometric
Who says coaches don’t have work to do? When you look at my lacking active range of motion is it really any wonder I have had consistent back issues over the last year? Learn from my mistakes! #hips #injuryprevention #rangeofmotion #jointhealth #mistakesmakeyoubetter
Training and nutrition are the Yin and Yang of the performance world. Your performance on or off the field will never be as high as it could be if one or both are lacking. #nutrion #sportsperformance #eatlikeanathlete #balance #yinandyang 🥑🍳🍖🥒
Still one of my favorite videos from this year, had a ton of fun with the kids who came in for our Youth camp over the summer. They asked me push them! Fun stuff! #AthleteAcademy #sledpushes #kids #kidfitness #activekids
Coaches learn new stuff all the time, John was showing me how to pitch a rugby ball. According to John I was focusing on the spin a little to much. Always up to learn some new stuff #newmovement #rugby
Often lack of glute function can lead to overuse of hamstrings not allowing completion of full ROM, or driving the back into extension. By cross connecting using a kettle bell in the opposite hand, we can recruit the glutes better and keep a neutral spine.
End of our Glute bridge phase, for those of you keeping track at home that's 505 being lifted in those first 2! Everyone lifted 2-3x their body weight today! #AthleteAcademy
Strict Rest? Life is too short and I only get these kids two days a week, that's why in our big lifts long rests=mobility time. Ever try to squat or sprint effectively without ankle mobility? Not pretty, today's mobility drill between heavy squats was some work to mobilize the ankle joint. #AthleteAcademy
RM squats today, big time weights being lifted, the amount of progress these guys have made in such a short time is amazing! #AthleteAcademy
@_kyle_hill4 @sam_orze @a.lebrun @crista_alfano16
User Image mcgonigle11 Posted: Aug 21, 2017 10:06 PM (UTC)
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Just dudes being dudes
Having all kinds of fun in my youth Academy this summer. Hope the kids are enjoying it as much as I am! Nothing like a little sled push (sled ride for them) to end the class!
User Image jkjoy_ Posted: Aug 2, 2017 1:19 AM (UTC)
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jkjoy_ 3M ago
Joy got to see one of her friends today, and got to meet a new one. Congrats Pete! #jk #jku #itsajeepthing #friendswithjeeps #jeeplife #jeepbeef #hickchix #NH #603
Combine day, 5 events, 6 Athletes, and some free food, what more could you want? #AthleteAcademy
First Day of our Youth (ages 9-12) program, had a ton of fun! Excited for the next 6 weeks!
Newest additions to our Athlete Academy program, I see your twins and raise you triplets! #AthleteAcademy #Stronginthrees

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