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Centennial Parklands

NSW : Centennial Parklands, Ian Potter Children's WILD PLAY garden
A beautiful and creative design and build - residents of Sydney are very lucky to have this Oasis - @centparklands @aspect_studios
First night in the new place, and we're out for Zac's work party 👌
Trying to decide where to spend a Friday night is like trying to decide what to do when you've hit something going 80 and it's still alive 😳 #IMPOSSIBLE
Today FlatStan & I had some adventures! 😂 Geez he's cheeky! 😳

It's the first day it's rained her in a month but he insisted we go out on an adventure! 🙌

So off we went down the #ianpotterchildrensgardensydney @centparklands to #wildplay 😜 Luckily it's only opened this week so it was pretty quiet but he still got up to mischief!

First he tried to go for a swim in mist pool & water fountain & I had to let him know that wasn't a good idea - he might get unwell. 😳
Then he decided to play hide & seek but jumped into the spikey plant which poked his bottom! 😕

After that we climbed up the #treehouse & slid down the big slide, he loved that! 😀 So much he tried to climb back up & got stuck. I had to help him down! Then I thought it was best we head home through the bamboo tunnels! 🌱

He had a great day. 😎 He wished Holly was there with us & said any other kids in #sydney should definitely come & play here it's so fun!! Evidence attached... (swipe 👉) #sydneylife #flatstanley #centennialpark #ianpotterchildrensgarden #thisisaustrali #austtraveller left #Bondi & the #bondibubble today but it was worth it! 🙌 ps. #bestauntever 😘

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