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Bay Vista Dessert Bar and Cafe

I said I wouldn’t post this bc I look like a potato, but bc these girls look stunning imma post 💓
Golden fried chicken and giant ice cream bowls in a photo together can only mean one thing. BAY VISTA. Ohhh baby how I’ve missed you. I personally like to alternative between mouthfuls of juicy chicken and chocolate drowned crepe because I’m an animal. Throw in gulps of the most AMAZING peanut butter concrete shake my body has even been blessed with and it’s just a whole unspeakably amazingly animalistic experience. Judge me all you want but you know you wanna try it. Relinquish yourself to the wonder that is Bay Vista 👅🙏🏼 | Bay Vista Dessert Bar & Cafe, Parramatta
Filo chefs in Straya! From the Philippines, to Melbourne, to Sydney...Conversations about our OFW lives and our plans for the not so distant future...cheers to more occasions to share stories, memories, life lessons, and laughter! #StrayaDiaries #StrayaDiaries #cheflife #buhayOFW #AizandOz #AizheartSydney

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