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Everyday is a school day.... until you get busted 10 seconds later 😂😂
User Image kingofkingspt Posted: Mar 22, 2018 10:22 AM (UTC)
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Part 7 of my fitness career apprenticeship
@wimp2warrior was a huge test of my abilities
20 weeks of S & C classes
Get 40 people on weight and fit enough to fight in a show in august & 2 inexperienced trainers learning how to train a big group & a fight camp coaching Paddy in S & C for UFC Rotterdam
@ionela.botezatu11 reached her goal of working full time as a trainer in March, an incredible achievement
She also graduated from college with qualifications in massage therapy
I was proud as I had set a goal of a year to help her make the transition, we achieved it much quicker
I set myself a target in training of achieving my best condition to date with 12 weeks of training and diet
Not all good, paddys unexpected retirement and my aunts death were a blow, but Charity work with @paddyholohanmma was very rewarding & helping underprivileged kids was also something we were now doing
I was now getting clients from Uk, USA& Scandinavia
In the summer I began training teenage kids with sports talent for the first time & was presented with a team award at @wimp2warrior final, Group lost 250kg in weight, all made weight for fights
I had the opportunity to intern with Eoin Lacey @isihealth for an entire week, a huge opportunity for me, I needed to do something I had never done before, leave my clients for a week and not run my business for first time in 10 years, I was able to trust @ionela.botezatu11 to take care of things after she prepared for a month of training clients by herself
She did an incredible job! But the internship was a game changer....
1. @wimp2warrior season 1
2. @ionela.botezatu11 new job/ graduates college
3. Transformation
4. Charity work
5. @noramillar @steffen4karate @davidconway123
6. @dano_otoole 2nd title
7. Underprivileged kids on special tour
8. @scottobrien4 @jay_greene6 @cianconnors_
9. @thebigc46 @mark_cleary_61 @wimp2warrior Awards
10. My mentor Eoin Lacey
#kingofkingspt #workhardforyourdreams #w2w #charity #mentors #functionalmedicine #eliteteens #soccer #bjj #bodytransformation #altipeakaltitudetraining #sportsperformancedirector #coach #fitness #sbgdublin24 #mindset #apprenticeship #buildingabusiness
User Image deguze Posted: Mar 22, 2018 6:00 AM (UTC)
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deguze 1d ago
Early Bird Gets The Worm Guard!! 06:30 #Jiujitsu With Coach @gary_rooney @sbgdublin24
User Image ryan_keoghsbg Posted: Mar 21, 2018 10:05 PM (UTC)
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Light flowy rounds with the bro @ross_cummins9sbg 💪🏼👊🏼👊🏼
User Image kingofkingspt Posted: Mar 21, 2018 12:49 PM (UTC)
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Part 6 of my fitness career apprenticeship
Portugal 2015 was a career changing trip, (@aisydaly had her successful fight in dublin while I was there)
Not only for me but for someone who had the goal of becoming a fitness trainer
@ionela.botezatu11 had gone on the trip to experience something different and when she returned home she told me that she wanted to change career
This was a huge challenge for me, I had successfully changed careers myself from a technician in Intel to a full time coach, but I had now to help someone do it
We enrolled her in @waverleyacademy and she began studies and she was a part time apprentice coach working with my clients
During this period I also was coaching the bjj athletes and helping @strabanimalmma
So now I was running my business, helping 2 young trainers build theirs, training up a lady who was changing careers, and working with some of the best athletes in the country
Everything was going perfectly Work wise, but privately I wasn’t doing well, my 9 year relationship came to an end sadly, even though i was heartbroken I kept myself focused by working hard and trying to help people with their goals
It kept me going at the most difficult stage of my life
@wimp2warrior project came along in early 2016, a great time for me and a welcome distraction and I was busy learning more and mentoring @ionela.botezatu11 who was progressing and improving so quickly she was going to become a trainer much quicker than the year I had originally thought it would take
My next amazing project was on the way, working with the great UFC fighter @paddyholohanmma
Little did I realise what great things we would both do together.....
1, Portugal retreat 2015
2. @ionela.botezatu11 trip that made her change career
3. The “mountain”
4. @ionela.botezatu11 Learning her new work with clients
5. @luckbjj @coach_mario_sbg @ohsammyboy @jiujitsugamedev
6. @strabanimalmma
7, 8 @isihealth Education
9. @wimp2warrior @richiecranny
10. @paddyholohanmma
#workhardforyourdreams #apprenticeship #kingofkingspt #altipeak #athletes #strengthandconditioning #sbgdublin24
#sportsperformancedirector #mentors
#fitness #functionalmedicine #bjj #mma
User Image kingofkingspt Posted: Mar 20, 2018 2:59 PM (UTC)
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Part 5 of my fitness career apprenticeship
I had moved to my new venue and knew I had to improve to a standard of excellent levels that I had never reached before
It was a point in my career where I had to finally believe I was good enough to run a business successfully, train clients to an excellent standard, delivers world class results quickly and I had taken 2 young trainers with hardly any experience and I was now in a role of trying to help them get into the fitness business and make a career
Planning and organising was now a huge part of my role, preparing correctly and working towards definitive goals!
My first big project was help @sineadkavanagh86 recover from a bad back injury and get her Fit to compete in the IMMAF
I began looking after a young kid Dano @dano_otoole who asked me to help him
With his fight career and to learn
About coaching people
Ashling daly @aisydaly was an exciting project to help her prepare for Ufc
My first international seminar to Scotland @sbgaberdeen was during this training camp and I also got more education under my belt
My second international retreat to Portugal was on the way and there I would find my next huge challenge
Help someone who was in another career become a trainer..... photos
1,2 coaching at new venue/ #ufcchampionshipbelt
3. @sineadkavanagh86 rehab to Immaf silver medal journey
4 @dano_otoole student to champion journey
5 @aisydaly rehab to UFC victory journey
6 @isihealth education with Dr Serrano
7 @sbgaberdeen seminar
8, 9, 10 @dts_edu @cthefudge @mag_raff 9 @isihealth @kingofkingspt retreat
10 Eoin Lacey and @ionela.botezatu11 the lady who changed career to go after her dream job as a trainer
#kingofkingspt #coach #journey #career #strengthandconditioning #bodytransformation #mentors #athletes #altipeak #education #fitness #allages #education #experience
#bodytransformation #nutrition #functionalmedicine #altipeakaltitudetraining #sportsperformancedirector #coach #fitness #earlydaysincareer #sbgdublin24 #mindset #apprenticeship #buildingabusiness #schooldays #workhardforyourdreams @altipeak_j6_m50_castleknock
User Image kingofkingspt Posted: Mar 19, 2018 1:14 PM (UTC)
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Part 4 of my fitness career apprenticeship
Towards the end of 2014 I had completed my first international fitness training camp with my own clients in Portugal
It gave me a huge amount of confidence in where I was going with my career and my clients were getting better results all the time
In one of my many meetings with my mentor Eoin Lacey I had identified gaps in my knowledge and I wanted to close those as fast as possible which meant more education and traveling
I attended workshops in dublin when possible and traveled to London to learn more about Bodytransformation to get better results for my clients
I kept as busy as possible and worked with more athletes to improve my strength and conditioning knowledge
Then I got offered the opportunity to move my business to a new venue
It was something I never expected and was very unsure of myself but I thought, take the chance and make the best effort I can and see how I get on
I planned and organised as best as possible, prepared for almost 2 months and decided to give 2 young trainers an opportunity to create their own business at the same time
I wanted to give this opportunity everything I had and make it work
It was going to either make or break me in my fitness career
The same month I got the opportunity to play a charity match with Man United legends, another boyhood dream
My whole world was about to change dramatically forever....
1,2,3 ISI education/ Referees Conference/ Biosignature in London
4. Cyprus Rugby international Alex Philiotis
5- 8 moving from warehouse to my new destination/ great friends who helped/ new team
9 Derek tomney a League Of Ireland Referee who was a huge influence and great friend
10. Man United Legends
#kingofkingspt #coach #journey #career #strengthandconditioning #bodytransformation #mentors #athletes #altipeak #education #fitness #allages #education #experience
#bodytransformation #nutrition #functionalmedicine #altipeakaltitudetraining #sportsperformancedirector #coach #fitness #earlydaysincareer #sbgdublin24 #mindset #apprenticeship #buildingabusiness #schooldays #workhardforyourdreams @altipeak_j6_m50_castleknock
User Image kingofkingspt Posted: Mar 18, 2018 12:24 PM (UTC)
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What an incredible week
My great friend @paddyholohanmma successful in his bjj match
An amazing man who I have had the privilege of building a gym and community with @sbgdublin24
Ireland win grand slam in rugby
I have the amazing experience of working with @jack.conan in our gym last august
Tonight I attend the international soccer awards with @dbiss86 who was nominated for his achievement in the homeless World Cup last year and his amazing 5 year journey with me has been a real honour as a coach
My first workshop with the fantastic coaches of @altipeak_j6_m50_castleknock & @altipeak_j9_m50_old_naas_road @siobhan_ennis @ashelyjenna @altipeak_coach_gmck @ionela.botezatu11 @samdoran_1 are all helping the clients achieve their goals in the 30 day ABC

Amazing week of success for all these excellent people

#kingofkingspt #coach #journey #career #strengthandconditioning #bodytransformation #mentors #athletes #altipeak #education #fitness #allages #education #experience
#bodytransformation #nutrition #functionalmedicine #altipeakaltitudetraining #sportsperformancedirector #coach #fitness #earlydaysincareer #sbgdublin24 #mindset #apprenticeship #buildingabusiness #schooldays #workhardforyourdreams @altipeak_j6_m50_castleknock
Part 3 of my fitness apprenticeship
2013 was a huge year for me
I went on my first trip to Portugal and learned more in a week than I had in 8 years
I trained at a level that I didn’t think possible twice a day for a week and lost around 5% bodyfat and gained 7lbs of lean mass
I came back with a new purpose
I wanted to grow my business in the warehouse and become a really good trainer but I had loads to get done
I suffered a back injury around October and could barely walk for 6 weeks and had booked into a 3 day course in December with @isihealth which had 9 training sessions
The week leading up to it I was terrified that I would suffer an injury that would possibly stop me working indefinitely
I had photos taken of me for the first time by a trainer
Horrified I vowed to change my bodyshape into a trainer who was in top condition
I created group training with 12 guys in jan 2014 and ran it every evening and trained just as hard myself with my new knowledge
Then after 3 months I was asked how to get to under 10% bodyfat by one of them
I couldn’t answer so I decided to go learn from an expert- @markcolesm10 from @m10_gym- he had a profound effect on my career with his advice
Next I went to learn strength & conditioning from @karlgilligan and I also ran my first international retreat to Portugal with my mentor Eoin Lacey
I was growing into the trainer I wanted to become from 2005....
1,2 warehouse/ @p.sutcliffe
3,4 @isihealth course
5. My group of machines
6. Mentor @markcolesm10
7, 8 Transformation journey @altipeak_j9_m50_old_naas_road
9. @karlgilligan education
10. Kingofkingspt Algarve fitness trip
#kingofkingspt #coach #journey #career #strengthandconditioning #bodytransformation #mentors #athletes #altipeak #education #fitness #allages #education #experience
#bodytransformation #nutrition #functionalmedicine #altipeakaltitudetraining #sportsperformancedirector #coach #fitness #earlydaysincareer #sbgdublin24 #mindset #apprenticeship #buildingabusiness #schooldays #workhardforyourdreams @altipeak_j6_m50_castleknock
User Image deguze Posted: Mar 15, 2018 9:46 PM (UTC)
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deguze 1w ago
The Till The Death Squad @sbgdublin24 Jiujitsu Time All The Time #OSU!! #NoGi

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