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East Coast Powerlifting

Good accessory day today @simba_strength did a bunch of these standing shoulder press with a super close grip #powerlifting #fuckeastcoast #shoulderpress
Have been working on my log press a ton lately, this is my 7th of push press with 140 lbs. I am really happy with my speed on this set, which I have been struggling with on the log. #logpress #strongman #shoulders #embracethesuck
Smashed some reverse band box #skwaats today. This is 495 and 515. Kept the band pretty loose at the top. Really only wanted a little momentum at the bottom. Good session @simba_strength #powerlifting
Worked up to a 385 + 100 in chains (485 at top) single and worked back down with some triples from there. Then hit a PR on bench 250 for 8. Thanks @nrbaker78 for helping me with the chain math and the running the mono lol #powerlifting #skwaat

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