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Latrobe Park

Salt on my face, but this week's long run is in the books.
Cereal No. 12 is no stranger to my pantry, it happens to be one of @jwenifer's go-to picks. Pros: ✅love me some air-dried marshmallows ✅cereal pieces are light and overall it's not too sweet ✅rainbow milk! Cons: ❌the depression that ensues when you sometimes get a bowl full of just cereal, no marshmallows... #runnersofinstagram #runstreak #cerealrunstreak #rwrunstreak #np_balstreakers #cereal
From the land of pleasant living. Another Bmore kickball season has come to an end.. Always fun times! #ohboywhatabeer #nattyboh #fedhill #katiesmooseknuckle #straightballin #nowyouseeme
Baby locusts during a quick rain break last week. I loooove how juicy green all the vegetation has become!
Happy birthday to my great friend @freeberger97 hope u have the best day u deserve it 😜💘
Remember yesterday when the sun came out for like 35 minutes? ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆
Our first competition with St Ignatius Loyola Academy. Though we suffered defeat, we can't wait to the next competition. #bcsb sports #silaacademy. #lacrosse #collegiategentscholarathletes

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