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Fresh And Easy

في أمريكا محد يخدم احد
مشروع بارت تايم في بنده 🚶🏻
Who you trying to fool coca cola? No thank you.
I'm overly excited about my cheat meal for lunch...I've been wanting to try this from @freshandeasy, and to see it on sale means it was meant to be! #chickenandwaffles
Jack N The Box, Chic Fil A and Carl's Jr use to be the late night alcohol absorption food of choice, but now that #freshandeasy is open 24hrs, it's soup and salad. Shouldn't be eating this late, but at least it's this!
Grabbin me some healthy shit for tonight cuz I'm gone need that energy....✔🎥🎬💯team no sleep💤💤......slow feet don't eat #progeny #brodieboyz #boss #getmoney #outoftowntrappin #mackin
#BuffaloChickenSalad, a bag of sliced apples, and a strawberry lemonade from #FreshAndEasy after a few games of basketball at the gym :)
I don't think that's how that parking space is supposed to work.
What?!? Almond Joy, you got a competition!!!

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