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zhitea 3w ago
Join us for Third Thursday Tea Talks TONIGHT- we will be exploring oolong, the category of semi-oxidized tea known for its complex flavors, fragrant aromas, multitude of varieties, and the artisan mastership required to create it.
We will taste different types of oolong, learning how the unique terroir and growing conditions affect what you taste in your cup: from delicate, floral high mountain Taiwanese oolongs, to prized “bug-bitten” teas with honey-like flavors, to the original type of oolong from China known as “rock” or “cliff” tea...and more! We will discuss history and background, steeping techniques, and what makes each type of oolong unique. Class will be taught by certified tea specialist Melanie Mock, and informaiton packets will be provided.
Discussion will be held on Thursday, September at 6:30pm in the Zhi Tea Gallery (4607 Bolm Road, 78702).
**Due to space limitations, we kindly require that you RSVP via one of the Meetup Events, or email/call us directly at 512-539-0717 or You can also DM us on insta! Registration for this tea talk is $10 to cover the cost of the venue and all tea served -- payment can be arranged prior to or at the talk.
Hope to see you there!
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awsuh 3w ago
Potato person, but cyoot hanging swings at cyoot tea places need to be celebrated.
Hurricane Harvey has Austin in a panic but I'm kind of enjoying an excuse to stay low-key and low energy 😌 @zhitea has da best matcha and such a cozy vibe so I stopped in today pre rock climbing sesh 💚 #hurricaneharvey
Taste testing teas for our "Tea & Tranquility" class starting up in September😊4-4:30pm on Tuesdays we'll offer a guided meditation followed by tea! Thanks Melanie @zhitea for the awesome sampling!🍃
. . .
#teaparty #meditation #kadampa #austin #eastaustin #tranquility #innerpeace #goodhealth #happylife #buddhism
zhitea 8w ago
Happy #nationalrelaxationday!
We’re celebrating by sipping on some #zhitea signature herbal blends perfect for de-stressing:
🌼Restful Blend: Egyptian chamomile, orange peel, licorice root, hibiscus, lemongrass, lavender, cardamom, fennel seed, stevia leaf, plum
🍂Sweet Desert Delight: Red rooibos with coconut, cacao, anise, cinnamon, safflowers and stevia leaf
🌹Saigon Rose: Lemongrass and rosebuds
#lavender and #chamomile are loved for their beautiful fragrance and flavor and their natural ability to calm and soothe the body, and lower stress levels
#rooibos is a South African herb rich in antioxidants, with relaxing properties along with a plethora of other health benefits
#lemongrass is a citrusy-smelling herb that is cleansing, balancing, anti-inflammatory and relaxing
#caffeinefree #organic #herbaltea #destress #nourish #wellness #tea #organictea #austin #eastaustin #atx #teashop #tealove #tealover #relax #unwind #healthy
📷 by @askheebs - Tea Time for Three. Actually make it four! I loved getting to try to Vanilla Honeybush Rooibos today over at @zhitea . Paired with three kinds of yummy stroopwafel from @thestroopclub , it was a decadent and lovely experience. Thankful for wonderful family, friends and tea today. They made my morning! 😆😍😘🤸🏾‍♀️

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