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Bedrock City Alliance

Colazione da cowboy....con lo sfondo dei Flintstones!! 😆 dall'altra parte della strada abitano Fred & company! #arizona #roadtrip #grandcanyon #honeymoon
Stopping for a bite at The Flintstones Bedrock City's Freds Diner @kimchee_d @kxsoccerkid
Flintstone Town is a hidden gem in this country. It's equally hilarious and tragic #grandcanyon #Flintstones
I remember staying here in the 80s with my family. It's still here but a shell of what once was.
The Flintstones Park was a much bigger hit than the Grand Canyon. If your into post-apocalyptic, 60's, road side attractions you should visit. #waybetterthanthething #flintstones
Weird, quirky, random, and oh so nostalgic. When I was 11, I loved visiting this place. It was so sweet to finally get to take the girls.
Stumbled across a Flinstone's-themed park on the way into the Grand Canyon

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