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Sometimes forgetting your earphones at the gym can be a moment for you to spend time thinking 💭. Today as I was on the stair master on a level 9, I could feel the burn of my thighs and my heart rate slowly start to rise, I began to think of all these negative body images I have. I thought " OMG, I hate my stomach, I hate my legs, I wish I could be this and that!!" Than I said " why am I so fuckin hard on myself, why can't I just love me!" Seriously once I said the positive affirmations came in and BOOM 💥!! Just like a switch, I felt better. I felt so good with my workout and I left happy with myself.
Your mindset can be your worst enemy when it comes to reaching your goals, It's crazy how it can control everything you do.
Positive affirmations worked for me; find out what works for you. Put it to use and change the way you feel during your workouts.
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