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⚠️ATTENTION FRIENDS⚠️ go eat at the Chipotle in downtown LaGrange tomorrow (Tuesday) and support LT choir! Your money goes towards concerts and events, as well as the junior/senior this spring to Ireland!
Buy one-two-three even for the team! Join us on 9/27 and help support LTHS at Chipotle Night during our night out fundraiser. Share with friends and family
****Must Show this Flier at time of purchase****
@taylorswift dropped her new video for #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo on @mtv at the #VMAs this past Sunday. For those who didn't see it, she essentially kills off her old self and reputation and becomes a badass. Of course, as a producer, we were more interested in the beat and melody.

Her vocal hook sounded all too familiar to us. That's because she gives writing credits to none other than @rightsaidfredofficial! That's right, Right Said Fred, the UK group behind the 1991 hit #ImTooSexy. However, many people are saying she sampled RSF's track but she didn't. In the music biz, there's such thing as an Interpolation, where artist B borrows or incorporates something from artist A's original song but doesn't actually sample or steal artist A's masters. That's what Taylor did. She sang her hook in the same meter as RSF's, and thus, gave them credit.
We had the vinyl to RSF's I'm Too Sexy laying around #TheBudio so we mixed together Taylor Swift's beat with RSF's "Tushapella" as it was called, which is essentially the acapella with a clap in the background. Have a listen!

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