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Tea Chai Té

Spent a large majority of the day taking photos of the beautiful weather, feeling lucky to be able to sit with a chai and soak it all in. ✨
as fall descends on portland, so i descend into the depths of hipsterdom: the seventh circle of which is reed college
Day 11 of #inktober x #octoberisforwitches : witch's brew! Oh, tea. My beloved tea. Tea was my first herbal love, and was what sent me down the path of learning about and getting to know plants. Like many folks, my first voyage into tea was with camellia sinensis (plant on the right, it's caffeinated and is what black, green, oolong, darjeeling, and Ceylon tea are made from). From there, I expanded into tisanes made of mint (bottom left), chamomile (bottom center) and lavender (left), and by then the floodgates were open to all kinds of herbal concoctions. Cheers to you, witch's brew! ☕️ Now excuse me while I go make a London fog 😄 ✨Available as a tattoo, email to claim ✨
☕️여길 나가고 잠시후에 크게 넘어질 것을 모르는 자의 뒷모습 (멋진사진 고마워 @ji.won.christina )

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