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tlacoyo 14h ago
We received some awesome news today at @sv_debug ! So proud to work alongside people who live to help others, thank you to all that shared and supported on social media, 2018 is getting off to a great start, you can’t get wet talking about water. #debugscience #protectyourpeople #milliondollarpledge #10for10
User Image sikla192795 Posted: Jan 12, 2018 8:35 AM (UTC)
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I pray to god I wouldn’t fight. But god please your making me loss my patience. I swear if I see her one day ima Knock her out. #peace #wish2bfake #ughfml #fuckangelique #unborn #alreadtexisted #biggest #fear #rainbow #baby #nevermeetyou
User Image baylingual Posted: Dec 24, 2017 8:45 PM (UTC)
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And we still working lol.. Soon..
This year has been some of the biggest amounts of growth I have ever taken.. Probably why the shoot was called “Butterflies.” But before I start opening up with a tangent about this year, I would like to thank @tr0mpudaa and @desriendada for being our models for the latests shoot. @agentscully__ and @queen_lachieeefa are very important to this work that we started earlier this year. There is a lot of growth still needed from all of us. But thank you all for looking at what we are doing. We are still green with this, but we have been getting things ready for next year.. Shit, we still ain’t done with this year.. Who knows whats gonna happen.. but till I take up too much time.. #starfox64
User Image sv_debug Posted: Dec 14, 2017 3:35 AM (UTC)
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A wonderful update from Carlitos’ mom! She’s an unstoppable force for justice, taking on systems to defend her children and community, and growing the circle of support around her.
With the support of her De-Bug community, she’s been working tirelessly to turn that initial insurance denial into an approval and now Carlitos has a new date for a surgery with no out of pocket cost to the family!

Please read her note below, we will be returning all donations and are filled with gratitude for the kindness demonstrated in every like, share, donation and good thought sent Carlitos’ way!
From Vero:
I’d like to thank all the people for their help and cooperation in the campaign to help raise funds for Carlitos’ surgery. I have very good news – the surgery was just approved by the insurance. I received a call from the assistant of the doctor who will perform Carlitos’ surgery giving me the news that finally his surgery was approved. On behalf of Carlitos and our family we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and support. May God bless you and again many thanks for your support! -Carlitos Daniel Cotero Haro & Veronica Haro #participatorydefense #protectyourpeople Sigue en español
¡Una maravillosa actualización de la mamá de Carlitos! Ella es una fuerza imparable de la justicia, enfrentando sistemas para defender a sus hijos y comunidad, y creciendo el círculo de apoyo a su alrededor.
Con el apoyo de su comunidad de De-Bug ha estado trabajando incansablemente para cambiar la negación inicial del seguro a una aprobación. Ahora Carlitos tiene una nueva fecha para una cirugía sin costo a su familia.
Por favor, lean su nota a continuación, estaremos devolviendo todas las donaciones y estamos llenos de gratitud por la amabilidad demostrada en todos los likes, con cada persona que compartió la campaña, cada donación y buenos pensamientos enviados a Carlitos!
User Image sv_debug Posted: Dec 11, 2017 9:43 PM (UTC)
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Carlitos visiting and sitting in on a meeting. He sends his love to all the friends and family that donated to his gofund campaign. Check out the link in our bio to help out this young man.
User Image organizadora Posted: Dec 9, 2017 10:46 PM (UTC)
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Loving the multilayered reflections in this one. Always look fwd to photo collective day at @sv_debug, showing our photos, getting feedback, talking politics of visual storytelling, planning shows. Here Davíd Bacon (in reflection) sharing his photos of farmworker and immigrant rights movement. @15kboffame @muy_yum_ @
User Image thesajidakhan Posted: Dec 7, 2017 6:52 AM (UTC)
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This is Carlitos. He is the sweet, beloved brother of my former client Christian Cotero (a 14 year old boy prosecuted and convicted as an adult before the passage of Prop 57) and fixture of my Silicon Valley De-Bug family.
Despite his disability and the turmoil he and his family have endured, through dark days in the courthouse and traumatic stints at home, Carlitos has always maintained a beaming smile and an unbridled joy that illuminates the lives of everyone in his presence. I am humbled and honored to know him and his family.

Carlitos now needs us to help him get a necessary surgery so he can lead a dignified, full existence. Please contribute to this worthy, noble cause so that he and his family, who have been tried and tested in so many ways, can experience peace, health and happiness this holiday season. Here's the link:
Happy Monday from our office to yours. #debugscience
Congratulations to Colin Kaepernick for being named GQ’s citizen of the year. His support has helped our families affected by police violence realize a dream of a healing gathering. #protectyourpeople #imwithkap @kaepernick7 @yourrightscamp @nessnitty Illo: AD Avila
User Image baylingual Posted: Nov 13, 2017 10:38 PM (UTC)
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All I hear is swing until you got to jump..
New shirt by the homies of @simpleminded_sf .
Model @_loverush_
#ShoutOut to @sv_debug for welcoming us to their office in San Jose! And for visiting #OC earlier this month for some skill building and training! #ProtectYourPeople #participatorydefense #debug #roc ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
User Image sv_debug Posted: Sep 7, 2017 1:09 AM (UTC)
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Standing with our DACAmented brothers & sisters and seeing the full humanity of all immigrants. With or without government documents and unbound to our productivity, WE ARE VALUABLE and we can determine our own destinies. We come from generations of resiliency, of creativity and we will not be deterred. #defenddaca #heretostay #comprehensiveimmigrationreform
User Image sv_debug Posted: Aug 25, 2017 7:40 PM (UTC)
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The Teal Protect Your People T-Shirt is in. Stop by our office or our online shop to pick one up, they are going fast. #protectyourpeople
User Image chandra.honey Posted: Aug 24, 2017 7:18 PM (UTC)
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Thank you @15kboffame for surprising us for Honey's birthday yesterday 😙😙
In the 10th episode of #AiderandAbettor, Avi and Sajid welcome guests Raj Jayadev and Charisse Domingo of @sv_debug, a community organization in San Jose focused on storytelling and advocacy for the marginalized and criminal justice reform.

In their “Opening Statement,” Avi and Sajid talk with Raj and Charisse about the origin story of De-Bug, how they met (they're a community organizing power couple), and how De-Bug became a leading voice on police violence after the police killing of a San Jose resident. They discuss the participatory defense model started by De-Bug that is now spreading across the country. Raj and Charisse talk about De-Bug’s effort on bail reform and share how people can best get involved and make change, especially in the aftermath of the chaos in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In their “Deep Dive,” Avi and Sajid talk Colin Kaepernick @kaepernick7 with Raj and Charisse. Raj and Charisse recount how Colin reached out to De-Bug and what they were able to accomplish with Colin’s donation to De-Bug as part of his “Million Dollar Pledge” campaign. Raj describes meeting and working with Colin at a local “Know Your Rights Camp” hosted and organized by Colin for youth to raise awareness on higher education, self empowerment, and instruction to properly interact with law enforcement. Sajid shares his decision to boycott the NFL in solidarity with Colin.

Podcast available on iTunes, Stitcher, Buzzsprout and SoundCloud

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