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It's 34 degrees here today so jumping in the pool is the way to go 🏊 🏊
Loving myself is seriously hard right now. I do not feel good about how I look 99% of the time.... But hey, I've got a pretty decent booty and that's ok for today 😉
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Do you have any weaknesses in your ability to connect your strength from your core, through your back and shoulder, all the way through your arms to your grip?

Single arm planks on a swiss ball absolutely hammer your core and shoulder stability through protraction.

Single arm L-hang will again smash your core, along with grip strength and back through scapular depression and some retraction.
Aiming for 30 seconds per arm, per exercise. About 2 minute breaks. My 4th and final round is shown. It gets very hard, especially after destroying my arms beforehand. Progressing.
Remember guys! Train smart, and live well!

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