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Churchgate railway station

Place -Travelling to explore more food😋
Location -churchgate station 🚂
Food/Beverage items- COCA-COLA🥤
After having a stressful and tiring travel from one place to another all you want to have is cold beverage that could freshen up your body and fill up your thirst so we went for coca-cola 🥤. This is all time know as thanda wala drink in India. As earlier people used to have this as soft cold drinks instead of other brands so they used to refer it as thanda drink and even the restaurants used to serve this when u asked for thand/cold drinks 😋
Its a trending drink served since1886 in bright red colour can with their uniquely written coca-cola on it.The rating is 4/5 bcoz the can is sweet all time but i like it a bit more fizzy but still its one of my favourite beverage to go for 😊😋🥤❤️.
#cocacola #cocacolaindia #thirsty #cold #coldrink #red #mumbai #churchgate #foodthatyoucravefor #mumbaifoodie #foodblogger #hungry #enjoy #rush #explore #new #look #cocacolacompany #thanda #indiansummer #beattheheat so go and have coca-cola to beat this summer heat with chilled cold drinks 🥤😋🤤❤️
आज किसी की दुआ की कमी है,
तभी तो हमारी आँखों में नमी है,
कोई तो है जो भूल गया हमें,
पर हमारे दिल में उसकी जगह वही है।  

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