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Petra Hair Design

First pic- finished product🌟 Second pic- picture of what she wanted Third pic-before Balayage! This look came out sooo awesome! I love the dimensional blonde look! 🙌🏼🌼
Kicking myself for not taking a before pic, but she came in with medium/dark brown hair!! We did balayage and baby lights and I think it blended so beautifully!! So natural it looks like the sun did it! ☀️💗
She came in with medium brown hair and wants it to be completely blonde! It’s damaging to reach that level and one sitting, so we did balayage for the first process!! I love love love it!!! 😍
Balayage never disappoints. I am always so amazed by the turnout! 💗 (last pic is the before)
Highlight touch-up!! 💅🏻 I added two different shades of blonde to give it more dimension! 🌟 (first two are after, and last two are before)
User Image robertsron Posted: Dec 1, 2017 3:57 PM (UTC)
3 Mayfair
No shave November is over. And so is the Beard!
Another example as to why I️ am obsessed with Balayage. She had virgin hair and just wanted it to be a little blonder! Balayage adds the perfect blonde pop, and it still looks very natural! I’m in love. 💗
More proof that Balayage is the!!!! 🙌🏼 💗 ( first two are after, last two are before)
Love this transformation! 🙌🏼 —> for before
This is so fun! We added a lot of lowlights to blend with new growth and make future new growth not so noticeable! We also added a few highlights to keep the blonde! (Because blondes do it better🌟) and heavily did blonde highlights framing the face! It brightened up her face so beautifully! I️ am in love💗
Icy blonde with some lowlights for depth! ❄️
Okay. Seriously cannot get over how perfect this came out. Addi came in with Virgin hair, and just wanted to add a bit more blonde that still looked natural! So we did a subtle balayage! This is my new favorite hair color technique! It’s so natural looking and only has to be redone about twice a year! Soo in Love! First four pics are AFTER and last three are BEFORE🌟🌟🌟
Love long layers, and also love when my cute friends let me do their hair!! 💗
Nothing a little highlights and purple shampoo can’t do!! 💁🏼swipe left for before pic!
Okay, Jordan has dream hair! I’m so jelly! We just spiced it up with highlights and lowlights! 💋

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