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Chieftain Park

We won’t even apologize for blessing your IG feed so many times. #SorryNotSorry
We may have lost the game, but on our team, we stay winning. #TWMTDW
Look at that... the collateral damage is unbelievable. Go find your house on this map and then join us in the good fight. We want development, diversity in people and jobs and a living wage. We simply do not want to sacrifice our beautiful land, water and education system to do so. Please stand with us!

#notysonintongie #notysoninkansas #cometogether #smalltown #greatpeople #bigideas #pride #determination #onelvco #lvco
Ever heard of Tonganoxie, Kansas? It's a small town fighting a big company. Watch Fox 4 News tonight with the latest on the #NoTysonInTongie movement
No Tyson in Tongie, but T-rex... that's a different thing altogether.
Hot date night. Tim and I are hanging out at the "No Tyson in Tongie" town hall. The place is packed.

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