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Yarraville Yoga Centre

Yoga has never been something that my body has felt comfortable doing without causing significant pain, that was until today.
I found my kind of Yoga, one designed for people who have had or dealing with any form of trauma either to their bodies or in their lives.
I'm so looking forward to seeing what will unravel in the next 8 weeks.
We now have 10 teachers in Victoria and 3 in NSW and these guys are the BEST thing about #fatyoga 💖 They are kind, enthusiastic and so dedicated to making our spaces safe and accessible. They are open to new ideas and we had great fun playing with asana yesterday too! #yogateacherlife #fatyoga #fatpositive #curvyyoga #bodypositive #YBIC
about to start an Iyenga yoga course •• much excitement 😎😃😁
Supta Baddha Konasana during my #yoga private lesson today. This will be the starting pose for my regular home practice starting tomorrow. Notice the purple block underneath my left knee; this is because the knees are supposed to be at the same level and, because there is tightness in my right hip, this results in my left knee being lower than it should. Over time this will correct and I can remove the block #suptabaddhakonasana #iyengar #iyengaryoga #symmetry #flexibility #health
13 days until opening #onetwoteapour And my work morning tea // cuppa is all but gone reminds me to put the kettle on. #tea #gone

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