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Devon, Pennsylvania

She looks so graceful after climbing down the side of a waterfall using a chain. Can’t see me? I am hyperventilating and praying up against the rocks.
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This is my buddy Arlo, I visited him in Pennsylvania to bother him with my friendship 🐱
The Old Lancaster Road in 1927; swipe for the same view in 2017.

In the first pic, you can just see the edge of the filling station under an overhang, and the car closest to the camera actually belonged to the person who took this photo. (Which apparently appeared in Vanity Fair in a story about this newfangled roadtrip trend.)

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Just past Wayne PA, I saw a turn from US30 marked "Old Lancaster Road," and made a quick right under a massive stone railroad bridge. Found myself on a beautiful little two lane road running through the woods and between old, old houses.

At one corner I was struck by a auto garage with a little office/house attached to it that was visibly *much* older than its neighbors. I pulled in and asked a man sitting at a desk how long the house had been there. He laughed and looked at his co-worker, who just shook his head and left the room.

"1734," he said.

We talked for over an hour about the origins of the Lincoln Highway; he told me about the Lancaster Pike, which I knew, but then went WAAAAAAY further back, telling me about the Forbes Road and how his forces defeated the French at Fort Duquesne by clearing a "road" for heavy artillery to get through. (This was part of the French and Indian War, by the way.)

This little house was a tollhouse for the pike for about 100 years; in the early LH era it became a gas station and a Hupmobile dealership (google that name for yet another rabbit hole—first electric car!) and later a tea room, of all things. These days it's a Porsche repair shop, because of course it is.

#lincolnhighway #lincolnhighwayscouting2017 #roadtrip #lancasterpike #pennsylvania #history #1734 #frenchandindianwar
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And we sneak Diwali in in an extremely busy week... live for happy moments like these 😍#diwali2017 #diwali #indianfestivals #devon #philadelphia #pennsylvania #usa

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