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Century City, Los Angeles

Norman Rockwell’s “Shuffleton’s Barbershop” from Sotheby’s exhibition. A rare treat to see actual Rockwell paintings. @sothebys #normanrockwell #sothebys #20to30million #auction #art #painting #americana
⋮ This stone’s story... .
. I receive the email from a sweet new client, explaining that she has an old tourmaline stone, set in a ring, that she’d like to repurpose. She’d seen an aquamarine necklace up in my shop, with a double claw prong basket setting, that she’d like to emulate, using her stone as the centerpiece. Simple and classic. We exchange a few more logistical emails, and our project is underway.
. I receive her stone, she so carefully packed for transit. I had a good laugh, as I think that may be an old retainer case she packaged it in...but that totally works! Love her creative repurposing of materials.
. I took a good look at her stone, and I noticed it was a bit scratched up. Not unusual for tourmaline; especially tourmaline that’s been worn in a ring. It’s a relatively soft stone, subject to the wear and tear of the user. So I asked my client if she’d like to have it polished before we set it, to give it a bit of a facelift. She shared that her stone was about 50 years old and that she would like to polish we did. You can see the differences in the photos, before and after polishing.
. Next, we created our custom basket for the stone, and set the stone within it. Typically, we would have attached the chain before setting the stone, but in this particular case, we made some last minute changes to our chain choice, so we attached the chain later, with some extra TLC❤️.
. And finally, you have the finished piece; simple and elegant. That’s how the custom process works. And that’s the story of this stone 💎. #thisstonesstory
Sound Bath & Sake Tasting special event overlooking the city coming up Saturday evening at 8pm! There are limited seats left so make sure you purchase online through the website link above. There will also be vegetarian treats and mingling with amazing people. Can’t wait to see you there! #soundbath #centurycity #soundhealing #sake #lovewhatyoudo #crystalsingingbowls #crystaltones #paistegongs #grateful #sacralsoundsla #sacralsounds
Smile 😊 you’re on camera. Every day is a learning experience. Let’s enjoy the process. #people #places #righttiming to actually access the perfect results. #realtorlife doing it with #passion #kwbeverlyhills #yamilepittol #letskeepbuilding #letskeepmovingforward ✨💖✨#letscloseourdeals ✨👊🏻🙌🏻✨

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