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Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Smith Rd. Wanted to share this bathroom we installed last year 🛁 This was a very simple job but has some neat features if you look closely. As you can see the tile is pretty plain but it’s what the client wanted and goes well in the small space. The plan called for an oil bronze finish so we went with #moen ‘s #oilbronze faucet and diverter from their Brantford collection. What I like about Moen is as with most of their stuff you can match the light fixtures, towels bars etc. to the faucet selection you choose. Makes things easy 👍🏼😀 for everyone ! (The tub drain assembly is actually from Gerber, that’s just what we prefer having put those in for years on our service calls)
I really like the new wood door we installed to match the existing home. It’s different than the normal 6 panel you see in most homes in the area. Gives the space a custom look while still using a pre-hung door 🚪
With the little bit of space we had in the back of the tub we just created a little shelf for shampoo etc. Nothing to fancy here just a clean way to use the space without breaking the budget 💰😂🛁🚿🚽 Toilet by #kohler its their Wellworth. I love this design and we use it on a lot of our jobs 🚽
*side note to our #contractor friends 📝 is that electrical outlet supposed to be there🤔🤔 answer ..... no. There you have it. Yes we make mistakes😐 (electrician ⚡️🤣) and yes we fixed it before that #customglass went in 🛁
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I was almost done with the body of my #avalanchesweater when I realized I totally messed up the yarn over eyelet rows. It wasn't that noticeable but I HAD to redo it. Swipe left to see the after picture. #rhinebecksweater #wip #tinking #handknitsweater #handknitting #juliehooverdesigns
7 days of black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Day 2/7 (challenge someone daily). Today I challenge Suzette.
I’m working on the tablerunner that came in my latest #sewsamplerbox ! I love ♥️ #thegoodlifefabric charm pk. and the pattern that came this month!! I’ve been anxious to make it since it arrived. So I’m working on it today because it was an other grey day and my favorite thing to do on days like that is stay home and sew! I have to finish up so I can get back to my “Bee Happy” quilt! I won’t say how far behind I am lol! #ilovetosew💕 #thegoodlifefabric #bonnieandcamille #showmethemoda
Team Quash. Two rounds of Pavel's "Moving Target Complex" these dudes love them double bells.
#strongfirst #quashbells
I finished my blocks last night ! Today I downloaded the pattern for this month’s block, and have it all cut and ready to sew! Every month I like this quilt a little more! #fatquartershop #fundraiserquilt #makeawishfoundation #patchworkquiltalong #grandmotherschoice #block9 #ilovesewing✂️ #basicsbybonnieandcamille #showmerhemoda

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