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Southland, New Zealand

User Image wrysbsh Posted: Nov 22, 2017 9:15 PM (UTC)
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We took my partners dogs molly and Charlie to the river as it was such a hot day ... they love it #river #dog #labrador #nz #newzealand
Okay so I found this on my Pinterest and even though it’s very simplified, the key messages here are actually very true.
We live in a world where no one is ever perfect enough. One which is filled with diet talk and unfulfilled promises on weight loss adverts about all the things you will do when you lose weight.
But it doesn’t tackle the root of the problem: weight loss doesn’t tackle the main reasons behind people’s insecurities. If you aren’t comfortable with your body in its own entirety then you will never be happy whatever your weight. So when I found these little tips I thought that they would be good to share in order to give everyone a mid week confidence boost.
Have a read and think about whether you live your life in a body positive way, and what changes you can make to make you happier. Get rid of the instagrams that make you feel shit, get rid of the clothes you’re hoping you will fit into one day, and start living in your body and loving it for what it is. 💕
User Image markhansenz Posted: Nov 22, 2017 8:39 PM (UTC)
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Hut life. The look, the smell, the feeling. Takes me back to a young fella cutting my teeth in Pureora being taught to hunt and appreciate the outdoors by my father. You can't beat the smell of an open fire back country hut.

#hut #hutlife #tramping #hunting #backcountry #openfire #candlelight #candlelit #candle #dimlight #greatyarns #thepromiseoftomorrow #latenights #earlystarts #memories #chilltime #nzhunting #huntingnz #nzbackcountry #dochut #myland #allthefeels #fuckthecity #takemeback

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