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Jasper, Tennessee

User Image your_tn Posted: Jan 22, 2018 8:34 PM (UTC)
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User Image lyss.nikohl Posted: Jan 21, 2018 11:22 PM (UTC)
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It was actually 69 degrees today and not sweater weather🤷🏽‍♀️ #ss #selfiesunday #toohotforsweatersthough #snapchatsawitfirst
User Image kristidionne Posted: Jan 21, 2018 11:12 PM (UTC)
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This is how I’ve felt lately. Bright, shining, and expansive. I want to make some changes in my life and I am excited about those changes. It feels good. I’d like to stay in this feeling for as long as possible; however, I know that is not realistic either. Life happens and you react. Sometimes in unhealthy ways. Forgive yourself. Sometimes life can feel like you’re swimming in shit. Maybe there is sadness, uneasiness, boredom, judgment, numbness, etc. I’ve been there and get that. I have had my fair share of challenges. Days can turn into years and it feels like you’re drowning (💩). No one wants that! All of your relationships suffer too. Find a way out and then find balance between all the emotions. You can’t share your gifts with the world in that space. YOU have to want something to be different and figure out what works best for you. The reason I was so unhappy was I wasn’t truly living for me. I was living to please everyone else and afraid to be vulnerable. Afraid to put myself out there. All of these ways made me unhealthy and miserable. I think I was afraid to embrace who I am if you want to know the truth. Afraid of what others thought of me and living in constant fear. Not so great for the nervous system! Find a way out of that mindset if this speaks to you. Get quiet and listen to what you are saying to yourself. This is your life after all. I’m weird as shit and I like it. I don’t want to be like everyone else. This side feels better anyway. ✌🏼
nobody understands you’re my complete happiness nobody understands how much you mean to me 💛
Happy Birthday Lily! ❄️🎂🎉

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