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Commerce City, Colorado

User Image spiritual369 Posted: Feb 21, 2018 5:45 AM (UTC)
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English is actually considered an easy language to learn but Chinese (Mandarin) has the most speakers and is one of the most difficult for English speaking people to learn. I love all accents people have- I once had a strong southern accent but living out west 40 years it has diminished.
#englishlanguage #accents
Meet Eric! In his 19th year with Mobile Wrench. Working hard to keep customers trucks safe and running well!
User Image spiritual369 Posted: Feb 21, 2018 12:43 AM (UTC)
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Hollywood Beauty Secret in late night tv potpourri 😂👌🏻
User Image deliariverafitness Posted: Feb 21, 2018 12:10 AM (UTC)
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Ok. So this is a good reminder to keep my loops away from my kids. And I’ll say looking back at it now, I feel guilty for not taking the loop away from Ulises after I saw what he was doing.🙈🙈 This crazy ass kid could have wacked himself in the face pretty good! 😬😬 Am I a bad mom for saying that it was pretty funny though?😂🙊😝

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