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Costco Vancouver

Well for my #activerest today I decided to nOt take the skytrain (which I was really contemplating!!) and walked over to Costco to get some things, then walked back with all my stuff(including going up a butt load of stairs with all my junk!). But to say the least @loriharder I feel good about my meal prep for this week because really I feel like I've been lacking in that part of this challenge. So cheers to a new week! #day22 #activerestday #loriharder #loriharderbodyandsoul #loriharder60daychallenge #wkndstroll #fattofit #vanfitgirlintraining #mealprep #costcolife
Despite how cold and windy it is outside, I'd have to say that there isn't a bad time for ice cream, especially if it's cheap and yummy ice cream from the Costco Food Court - would you agree? 🍦
Macarons not from any fancy cafe, but did you know Costco has huge boxes of these babies?! It takes $6 to satisfy our sweet tooth!

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