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Bastrop, Texas

Back in April, on the day of my birthday, I had written in my calendar 'the year I figure it all out'. Today makes halfway through that year, and you know what? I really feel like I have been figuring it all out- but by not doing any figuring at all, if that makes sense. It feels like for the first time in my life I've stopped figuring. Stopped analyzing. Stopped worrying (ok, whoa! Let's not get too crazy- I still do a lot of worrying). BUT I feel like I've started enjoying more and have existential crises less. I'm a lot less worried about who I am and a more concerned with what and who I'm filling my time with.
Halfway through 33, and definitely the sweetest year of my life. #itjustkeepsgettingbetter
When it comes to you, there's no crime Let's take both of our souls, and intertwine When it comes to you, don't be blind Watch me speak from my heart When it comes to you, comes to you ♡
#travels #happyday #photography
They did it!!! Love these two so much! Happy to see our friends in their brand new house!! Congrats!!! 🏡🗝😁🙌🏻🥂
I put some eye medicine in my eye, it only worsened what I had...

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