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24k 18h ago
Number 24 NVIDIA's Roborace 🏎 Car is AI-Powered & a part of Formula E with a top speed of 198mph. 💨
User Image alduxvm Posted: Feb 17, 2018 11:10 AM (UTC)
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The new #segway device, personal transporter plus robot sidekick... cool platform! It has an #intel #realsense onboard! #robots @ #ces2018
24k 1d ago
One of my favorite 🚗 concepts on display during CES 2018, Toyota's Concept-i.
User Image diamondaudio94 Posted: Feb 17, 2018 2:52 AM (UTC)
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24k 2d ago
Toyota’s ‘Fine-Comfort Ride’ 🚗 fuel cell concept is designed to get 1,000 km on a single hydrogen pack that can be refuelled in about 3 minutes! A futuristic minivan with Blade Runner style. Swipe to 👀 see a photo of its crazy wheels.
24k 3d ago
The boot 🚗 on Toyota's Concept-i reminds me of a car from I, Robot.
24k 4d ago
Toyota's futuristic 🚗 e-Palette is an autonomous, modular store on wheels, that are battery 🔋 electric ⚡️ driven.
Kitsound Voice One smart speaker. Does it really fill your room with sound? #Alexa #bluetoothspeaker
User Image hoverstarusa2 Posted: Feb 13, 2018 6:10 AM (UTC)
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All work and no play makes Chris a dull boy...nonsense this is too much fun to be considered work! #ces2018
24k 5d ago
NVIDIA AI-Powered Forumla E Roborace 🏎 car at CES 2018.

Its Pegasus AI system performs 320 trillion operations per second, is similar in size to a license plate, and has the CPU power of 100-servers.

The Pegasus AI unit will control the autonomous car and process data from 18 ultrasonic sensors, two optical speed sensors, six cameras, and a GPS. It has four electric motors that generates 402 horsepower, which goes up to 198 mph. 💨
User Image rvbphotoartist Posted: Feb 11, 2018 9:58 PM (UTC)
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Finding a bit of london everywhere i go .

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