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Albina Press Coffeehouse

User Image ouishave Posted: Mar 21, 2018 8:38 PM (UTC)
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I can't decide if this scenario is paradise or absolutely terrifying. 📷via @visual_optimism
User Image chrispachel Posted: Mar 21, 2018 5:48 PM (UTC)
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This morning's office...
VapeDog with his Coffee Queen. Big ups from Big Drip. Let’s do this again ASAP. All the love and blessings. 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽THANKS FOR EVERYTHING 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
Instead of a black and white filter it’s a coffee filter situation at @albinapress. #croissants #coffee #pnwcoffee ☕️ 🥐 #notallpunsaregoodpuns
Had chai tea with some special people today :) so happy 💖🎶
User Image Posted: Mar 15, 2018 3:26 AM (UTC)
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Thankful I live in a city with an abundance of coffee shops for me to spend way too much time at. ❣️
User Image williammdawkins Posted: Mar 13, 2018 3:52 PM (UTC)
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Between grading research papers.
Continuing our “Madrid Monday” tour of Portland coffee houses, I bring you the latest edition of our Bandministration life. This is our time to pay bills, buy stuff, watch cat videos, and decompress after long OCI weekends. Good times. .
#bandministration #pdx #portland #coffeeshop #directorlife #assistantdirector #oci2018 #wgi2018
User Image shafiamonroe Posted: Mar 12, 2018 7:39 PM (UTC)
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A painting on the wall at my local coffee shop. Love the father is holding the baby and is being called "coach." Labor Coach, or Life Coach?

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