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Viretta Park

tb_415 86w ago
Happy Belated Birthday Kurt! I couldn't leave without seeing you. You came as you are, as we wanted you to be, as a friend...RIP ❤️. #kurtcobain #nirvana #seattle #virettapark
Happy Birthday, Kurt Cobain. What an honor it was to sit here on your old bench in a place where fans from all over the world now come to visit, sit quietly, and remember you and the impact you continue to make.
alexkiddo 110w ago
managed to catch a tiny glimpse of the last place kurt cobain called home, up until april 5, ’94.
i went to kurt cobain's house & peed under a tree next to it, i think he'd be okay with it
xuey 110w ago
"It's better to burnout than to fade away"

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