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Los Angeles Maritime Museum

The museum building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was built in 1941 as the Municipal Ferry Terminal.
Here’s looking at you kid... Seeing the giant model of the SS Poseidon for the first time was a sight to behold! Truly incredible and years overdue.
Yes, that’s a human eye looking at you from the just beneath the bridge. (G- Thank you for lending me an eye. 😉)
Ok, so this visit was many years long overdue! But thanks to a certain fellow ocean liner buff who is as in love with these ships as I am, I was finally able to see the prized #poseidon in real life.
She was the biggest star of them all!
On display at the Maritime Museum in San Pedro, this 21.5 foot model was the very one used in the 1972 Irwin Allen disaster film! #theposeidonadventure
The spectacular model of SS Poseidon that was used in the 1972 disaster epic The Poseidon Adventure 🌊🚢 #theposeidonadventure #shipmodel #oceanliner #movieprop #queenmary

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