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Cafe Moto

I can’t think of favorite quotes without thinking about my dad. He was such a thoughtful man and so full of wisdom. What I remember most about him was his brilliant mind and his fanatical commitment to God and to philosophy. .
Our parents know us so well and I’m sure he knew that I lived in the midst of a whirlwind of ideas and dreams and was “all over the place”. He would often remind me to focus on one thing or just a few things and do them well. I hear you daddy...I hear you. And uh, still working on it. .
Wherever your spirit travels these days feel welcome to light on me whenever you get time. The universe is big so I know you’re busy, but I miss you like crazy. #rip
#fallinlovewithyouchallenge #saturdaymorning #qotd #wisdom #lifelesson #missyoudad
Halloween Costume Contest for your Pet! Bring your pet into our Roaster Store from 9am-3pm on Halloween Day. We’ll take a polaroid picture & hang it up in the store for all customers to vote for their favorite. Voting will end at 5pm and the winner will be announced Halloween night. The winning prize is a 12oz Klean Kanteen, a Cafe Moto T-shirt, & a $25 Gift Certificate. 💛🐶🐱🐢🐺🐰🐷🦆🐯🎃#BaristaDog #CostumeContest #SanDiego #BarrioLogan #CafeMoto #SanDiegoCoffee #SanDiegoDogs #SanDiegoPets #Petco #Barista #SanDiegoLove #Halloween #SanDiegogram #Moto #CafeMotoCostumeContest
Hey guys,

We’re teaming up with cafe moto to bring you deliciously wonderfully amazing Coffee and Subs!

Come join us today at Cafe Moto [ 2619 National Ave San Diego, CA 9211 ] from 11:00 - 1:30 (we’ll stay longer as long as you guys keep arriving)

We’re so excited! See you there!
__sao6 3d ago
#sandiego #california
Barrio Logan Sta.で初めてトロリー降りてみた。いつもは素通りの駅でも発見はある。
今日は珍しく曇り☁️ まじで雨降らない、本当にこっち来てから一回も降ってない、あっぱれ
I hope my day-off will be coming soon ‘cause I’m tired, that’s it haha

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