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One week back feeling great! Muscle memory is a beautiful thing. Did some abs and the usual two mile jog but this time I added 10 minutes of jump rope.
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Is your current training protocol getting stale? ••••••••
The ULTIMATE 12 WEEK TRAINER IS HERE! After months of work and filming, it is yours for FREE. Click link here and in IG profile!

Form or function. Muscle or movement. We tend to think of muscular people as immobile, blocky and muscle-bound.

I have spent the last three years studying the EXOS performance style of training; a methodology known for producing gold medalists in the Olympics and first round draft picks in the NFL. A methodology known for getting injured players back faster, and for keeping players healthy.

As a professional bodybuilder I thought to myself, "What if we applied these principles to building muscle while maintaining athleticism and overall body health?" This program is the result of over 21 years of training through education and application.

If you want sexy, lean muscle that can move, this is the trainer for you. Read on for your best looking and feeling body ever!

The point of these movements is to not only build lean, sexy muscle, but to also promote overall health, wellness, and longevity. By engaging your core, we will make sure that back is healthy and by starting with lower progressions, such as goblet squats over back squats, we get you ready for the core movements.

And even if you are a heavy squatter, these regressions will help you heal and fix imbalances to make you a better, healthier squatter overall!

MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner introduces his new 12 week functional hypertrophy trainer.
This program is a 4 Day Split, as you will need recovery.
Quick snippet of today's workout. My time was super limited, so I completed three circuits using simple movements that engage multiple muscles groups simultaneously. Here's the 1st circuit I recorded:
Circuit #1
Deadlift to Row - 40lb (15reps)
Med ball slams - 15lb (20reps)
Complete each exercise back to back, that equals one set. Perform 4 sets total! Rest for 30secs between sets! Try it out! I was pooped by the 3rd set 💪🏾😉
Crushed legs today and after countless poses in the locker room mirror 😜 I started noticing some new cuts. Due to a lack of knowledge, I was always afraid to train upper body. I was definitely one of those females that didn't want to "look like a man" 😒 If only I knew then, what I know now. Nowadays, training my upper body has become quite enjoyable, and I'm loving the definition it's bringing! #strongwomen #veganfit #vegangirl #vegansofig #veganbodybuilding #veganathlete #plantbasedathlete #plantstrong #plantpower
Ladies PLEASE don't be afraid of the weights. Strength training increases lean muscle mass, which helps your body burn calories more efficiently and ultimately improves your quality of life. A new season is upon us but it's never too early or to late to start working on a better, healthier you. Start today! Let's do this together 💪🏾
Need help with your health journey? DM or email me for training inquiries! Fall specials through the month of October! Serving the NJ metro area. Will travel to home or personal gym.
Small workout before i wake up early to head to maryland.
Is it back day without some deadlift ? #WhatisaBelt will be at 5 wheels by December !
Day 4 done! Feeling motivated and strong. Diet is going really good, sticking to 190 protein 150 carbs 40 fats. —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�-
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