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London Victoria Station

The look on your face when you think you’re going to Somerset when in fact you’re actually being taken to Bruges... yep she’s absolutely GUTTED! 😂🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 #suprise!
Landed in London! Flying in at night time was epic, got to see the city lit up 👌
After a day and a bit of super low carb and fat for the flight I definitely earned this breakfast 😍
Today I’m travelling up to Castleford to see all the family, can’t wait!
Something that I actually missed about England was the cold. I love it so much more than the heat 😂
User Image knocky.journey Posted: Dec 17, 2017 3:05 AM (UTC)
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John Mayer - Victoria
don't know why Tori came by
왜인지 모르겠지만 토리가 다녀갔어
but I could see by the look in her eyes
하지만 난 그녀의 눈빛을 보면서 알 수 있었어
Tory'd been driving 'round the town for a while
토리가 이 동네를 얼마간 운전하면서 돌아다녔다는 걸
playing with the thought of leaving
떠날 생각을 하면서
don't know why, but Tori just smiled
이유는 모르겠지만, 토리는 그냥 웃었어
and mentioned something about how you were right
그리고 네가 옳았다는 말을 했어
must have been hard to see through the tears she was hiding
그녀가 숨기고 있던 눈물을 눈치채기는 어려웠을거야
she said "I might not be seeing him soon"
그녀가 말하길 나 머지않아 그를 보지 않을 것 같아
"I've got a few things I've been waiting to do"
하려고 했던 몇가지 일이 있거든
hey, Tori came by
야, 토리가 다녀갔어
Tori came by tonight
토리가 오늘 밤 다녀갔어
hey, Tori came by
야, 토리가 다녀갔어
she says to say goodbye
그녀가 "안녕"이라는 말을 전해주래

#allaboutnikon #올어바웃니콘 #니콘드림샷 #d7500
User Image ri___q Posted: Dec 17, 2017 2:34 AM (UTC)
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ri___q 5h ago
#캐빈 이가 두리번 거리면서 나올기세
#리큐투어 #런던날씨 #밀당의고수

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