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Zuma Beach Tower 6

From sailing/chasing some little swell....only to come home/last day of work to even more little swell. Feels good to be surfing real waves again. #Stoked #SofftiesAndShorties @scrivisurfboards @patagoniavta @momentumrideshop @scoscheinc 🎥: @jthaole & @nick_shore
Buenas dias, LA County! Lotta 'single ladies' out there this morning. This one seems to be offerring up both pleasure AND pain...careful boys! #puinsai #zumathumping #winteriscoming
SO MUCH LOVE to everyone who came out today! That felt so good and we can't wait for all the rad shit to come 😏

HUGE shout out to Christopher over at @oceantechcalifornia who took care of the photos, filming and Water Training 101! Yes you heard right, we aren't just land creatures we train in the ocean as well!

Stay tuned for our next group workout! Until then, get off your ASS AND MOVE!

#malibu #sandbagworkout #bodymind #laexp #LFG #watertraining #sandbagsquad
"The definition of beauty is simple; it's what drives you to desperation." These people. Great to catch up with you @brandonjbegg , man how you've been missed.
Time flies when you have great camp directors! So long @aeb1130 and thanks for a great 3 weeks. See you soon and much Aloha!
Monster Tetherball game at camp today. Fun times on the beach
Precious, fleeting days. I leave in a little over a month. Enjoying every moment. (Especially these moments, when they aren't fighting :) )

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