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💕💕Our CEO @rachaelbozsik was interviewed on @huffingtonpost! She shared insight on how a #female networking group inspired her to creatively build #TheBrandGirls for thousands of college women in order to build #professionalconfidence
#tbt to that time when Trev & I were dropping 🔑s in the discussion on educational incentives on @huffpostlive
Before @johnnyswim started their set, they shared their story of how they got together, and l still have a little smile on my face from the way they told it. It was the coolest thing because they literally picked up from where @cgjohn01 and I left off on our convo walking up. Every part of these last few days has been such a beautiful flow of one thing leading into another. Sometimes, God gives us the sweetest, most unexpected reminders that love, and success, and crooked smile stories are totally real. The best is yet to come ✨💞🌇 #georgicapond #johnnyswim
T o d a y was such a cool day!!!!!! Any day with Radhanath Swami pretty much is the highlight of my life:) Thanks @shettyjay for allowing us to be behind the scenes for this awesome interview~ you truly shine and are helping so many all over the world 🌍🌷🌿❤️ #huffingtonpost #behindthescenes #interview #live #nyc #awesome #happy #friends #radhanathswami #gurudev
"You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. " Dustin & Arden & Arianna
"I taught myself how to get this done .. I think I learned through osmosis when I was married to #robertkardashian." - @krisjenner on how she began her career as a #manager #momager - major #tbt - she's controversial but she built it 💯
They ask me what I do and who I do it for. @newyorkontech students mean the absolute world to me. They have accomplished so much this year! To live a life of service is truly humbling and I am honored to do this work. ❤️

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